Youth Group

In the month of August, and with team kids on break, our Youth welcomed any younger kids into our class for a combo summer class. We worked our lessons around younger ones and had a couple of short lessons with free play outside to enjoy God's warm evenings. We also helped Colosse Baptist Church in New Bern instead of Pollocksville. We worked in the Soup Kitchen feeding the needy. It felt good to help, but it was a great lesson also. To close out the month and the church year, we are having a Youth Game Night, but everyone is invited. We want you all to play some of the games we have played and talk to our youth and just have fun and eat! That will be on August 31st, 2019 at 6:30pm.

I want to thank all the kids and parents and grandparents who came or brought them this  past year. It was my first year teaching youth and I learned so much from them. Praying the new year is even better. We are losing River to the adult class, but we have gained Julianna and Jake. Pray for more youth to come.

School is back, and as school has started back so does a new church year for everyone. We started a new book called, "A Young Man after God"s Own Heart" over the summer and will continue it this month and probably next month also. Even though it says young man, I am able to use it with teaching girls also.

On Septemer 1st, we will have a party to welcome new youth into our class. We won't have a mission this month, but hoping to have a special treat for next month.


 Cynthia Toler- Youth Director